Tuesday 9/4/12: It started fun…

5-3-1+ (75%-85%-95% of 1RM)


5 Rounds
200m Row
10 Thrusters (95/65)
6 Pull Ups
Rest exactly 60 seconds between each round.

285 (1RM) / 20:06 (75)

I have never established my 1RM for a deadlift before, so instead of doing the 5-3-1 + action, that’s what I worked on, with help from the coach. This was kind of fun. I have no idea how this compares to other people and would be fairly confident that I’m on the weaker end. the last time I deadlifted, I couldn’t move my back for days. The good news is that I think my form was much better today

I forgot the 60 second rest in between the first and second round. The girl next to me sat on her rower to rest while I charged ahead, then she shouted to the coach, “How long are we supposed to rest again?” I feel like she was ratting me out.

Pullups are hard.