Thursday 9/6/12: Why is my face numb?

Max Rope Climb in 2 minutes, followed immediately by:
21 Pistols Each Leg (alternating legs)
42 Double Under
15 Pistols Each Leg (alternating legs)
30 Double Unders
9 Pistols Each Leg (alternating legs)
18 Double Unders

0.75 / 7:31

Add “rope climb” to the list of things I’m not good at. Is anyone keeping track of this list for me? My hands went numb (and to some extent, my face…and if someone can figure out the medical reason for that, I’d be grateful) as I neared the top of the rope. The main reason I was weak at this is probably, again, my inability to do pullups to any degree of “well.” Also, when they suggested we wear tube socks, they weren’t kidding.

20″ boxes for the pistols, but I should have either used a small stack of plates or stepped on a plate, as 20″ was too easy. DUs, I alternated between two SU and one DU.